About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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Where Did That Come From?

By on March 2, 2016 in Uncategorized with No Comments

Brayden was about half way through his lunch when he asked Edie, “Grandma, can I have two cookies?” Kids know what they want and when they want it. Precision is important to them especially when cookies are concerned.

Edie said, “Not until you finish all of your lunch, Brayden. At least finish your egg white.”

Now usually he would either argue with us or negotiate. Today he did neither.

He put both elbows in the table, closed his eyes, titled his head a little to the left, put up his right hand (like you would when telling someone to stop), and said, “Fine. Fine. Fine. I’ll eat my egg white”

I started to laugh. I mean what can you do when this 3 year-old in front of you is doing what so many of us adults would love to do when we are dismissing someone who is trying to make a point we don’t agree with.

After a few seconds, he got back into his chair and said, “Lord love a duck”, and started to eat.

I said to Edie, “What just happened?”

She said, “We happened. We got to be careful, he picks up everything we do and say.”

So my brain started running at light speed. “What have I said; what have I done? When I thought I was being funny was I teaching them the wrong thing?”

Being a grandpa isn’t supposed to be this hard. Everyone says it’s the best job in the world. Then I remembered, they say it’s the best job not the easiest. Am I poisoning my grandkids’ thinking and behavior? The questions flowed out of me with a force stronger than water cascading down Niagara Falls.

To make matters worse, and unfortunately to reinforce my concern, Neysa sent me a video (which I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago) of Brayden putting an unfolded napkin up to his face. He pretended to sneeze into it sending the napkin across the table.

When Bob said, “Brayden, who taught you that?” he said without a moments hesitation, “Grandpa!”

Point, set and match.

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