About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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What a Nice Surprise

By on April 14, 2016 in Uncategorized with No Comments

I had back surgery a few weeks ago. They worked on decompressing three vertebrae and fusing one of the three. So now I’m in the recovery/rehab period. Learning to walk again is interesting. I never gave much thought to walking. I put one foot in front of the other and moved forward. Pretty simple; been doing it since I was a kid.

Well, it’s a little different now. The right foot developed a mind of it’s own after surgery. It doesn’t want to hold my weight sometimes, and when I walk, I walk like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. But my physician and physical therapist tell me it will take time to recover and that I should be patient. Ah patience, that wonderful quality that somehow eludes me.

Shortly after I got home from the hospital, Neysa and her family visited. I was sitting upstairs in a rocking chair in our bedroom. The rocking chair is especially friendly to my condition. Molly comes up to me and hands me a present. I open it. It’s a book: I Love You, Grandpa by Jillian Harker and Daniel Howarth.

Grandpa Book - 1

Molly said, “Want me to read it to you grandpa.”

I said, “I would love it.” She proceeded to read the entire book. I was amazed. First I was amazed with the present and then I was amazed with how well this first grader reads.

But there was another surprise. When I opened the book, on the first two pages, were handwritten notes from my two grandchildren in Pittsburgh, Molly and Brayden, and my two grandchildren in Boston. The Boston crew needed a little help as one was 2 years old and the other was 3 months old.

They read:

  • Feel better
  • Hope you feel better
  • Hope you feel better
  • Love
  • We love you PA
  • And a drawing of a heart

Grandpa Book - 2

It was Neysa’s idea and she started it when my surgical date was set. She had to buy the book and coordinate signatures in two different states. And she did it. It wasn’t just managing the logistics that was impressive, it was the thought!

And each day I take time to reflect on what’s important in my life: my wife, my children, and their children. True gifts.

Surgery went well and I just graduated from using the walker to using a cane.


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