About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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If you asked me to use one word to describe our one-year-old granddaughter, Lila, the word that immediately comes to mind is – relentless.

Simone Biles, the Olympic Gold medalist, can be described as relentless in pursuit of excellence in her sport.

But how can I possibly link a term like relentless to a one-year-old, you may ask? It’s actually quite easy. Let me explain.

When Lila sets her mind on something, nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, stands in her way.

We were babysitting Lila and her sister Paige at their place in Boston. Paige was building towers with her block set. Her goal was to see how high she could build her tower before it collapsed. Her focus was intense as she carefully placed one block on top of another. Her sister had a different idea.

Paige was on her way to building an eight-block high tower. The seventh block was set. As she started to place the eight block, Lila crawled over at warp speed, knocked it down, and did a tactical retreat. Paige was not pleased.

Paige looked at her sister, clearly annoyed, but, taking her role as the older sister seriously, she patiently started building another tower, all the while keeping an eye on her sister. This time Lila executed a pincer move on Paige’s flank. Success! The bocks came tumbling down.

It’s not that she just knocks down her sister’s construction project, it’s that she keeps on doing it with a singleness of purpose.

The last time she was at our house she wanted to get out of the enclosure we made for her. We moved the furniture so we could contain her in a small area in our family room. This way she couldn’t meander through the house, slip on the hardwood floor or get into places she shouldn’t be getting into (that is places not child-proofed).

At first, she would amble around checking all possible exit points looking for a weakness in out blockade.

Finding none, she distracted herself with the toys in the middle of the contained area. Success we thought, as we continued chatting with her parents.

A few minutes later she tried again. She got up off the floor, stood by a possible exit, and turned, pushed, squeezed, and did whatever she could think of to get out. She did this for over a half an hour – non-stop.

“When is she going to give up?”, I asked.

“What do you mean ‘give up’, she has no idea what that means”, was the simple answer.

“Oh come on. She’s only one, she’s got to have a short attention span. Doesn’t she?”

“Not that we’ve seen.”

“I’m so sorry”, is all I could muster as Lila continued to strategize how she could get out of her prison.

We were at Paige’s birthday party this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day with the temperature in the high 60’s. Everyone was outside.

The adults were talking, the kids were playing, and all seemed pretty controlled – until. Someone said, “Is that Lila climbing the playset ladder?” Before anyone could answer Rob calmly walked to the playset ladder and spotted her as she climbed the fourth rung.

“That’s amazing”, I said. “And she’s only one!”

“Welcome to our world, Dad”, is all he said.

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