About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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It’s Good to Have Angels Watching Over Us

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“Grandpa, be careful of the ice. It’s slippery here”, Molly said as she grabbed my elbow to help me down the one step from the house to the porch. We were on the way to the bus stop. It was nine degrees and the morning after a major snow storm.

“Thanks Mol, appreciate the help.”

“No problem Grandpa”.

When we got to the bus stop we played our daily game of “When will the bus come?” I have the 8:00 AM to 8:09 AM time slot, 8:10 AM is the neutral zone (no one wins if the bus shows up at 8:10 AM) and Mol has 8:11 AM on. What we find is on bad weather days, Mol wins; on good weather days, I win. The real fun, however, is the trash talking that goes on as we wait for the bus.

This morning, Mol, very aware of the weather, said, “I’m going to crush you this morning, Grandpa.”

“You think so huh? Not a chance. If anybody’s going to do crushing it’s me”, I responded clearly not believing myself.

At 8:19 AM the bus came and the issue was settled. Mol won – again. It was the fourth time she won this week and she just happened to mention that fact as she got out of the car.

She also said, “Grandpa, be careful. The road is icy. I don’t want you to fall.”

Hmm. What happened this morning? Mol is eight years old and not only has better awareness than me, but she also remembered `that Grandpa ain’t so steady on his feet yet after surgery. Her brain is processing in nanoseconds; mine, the speed of Vermont maple syrup meandering to a pile of pancakes sitting on my plate.

When does this happen? One day you’re changing diapers and playing clean up man, the next they’re taking care of you and giving you advice.

For the life of me, I cannot see this change coming. I couldn’t see it when my kids were growing up and I can’t see it in my grandkids.

It’s probably me.

I said to Edie, “Do you believe that Mol cautioned me to be careful when I was leaving the house because there was an ice patch and then again when I got out of the car at the bus stop because the roads were still snow covered? I can’t believe it.”

“Why does that surprise you? You totally miss most things. Awareness is not one your strongest qualities.”

“What do you mean?”, I say trying not to sound defensive. “I’m aware.”

“Really? How about that stop sign you almost missed the other day, or not seeing the work I’ve done around the house? Or your yearly ritually of surprise when all of a sudden you think the leaves on the trees turn green overnight in the Spring?”

“But …”

Edie then added, “Seriously, I’m glad Mol’s taking care of you. You know sometimes it’s good to have angels watch over you.”

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