About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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About Grandpa Tales

Grandpa Tales is a collection of adventures and reflections from a Grandpa’s perspective.

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Dress Up – Sort of

By on January 19, 2019 in Uncategorized with No Comments

I’m old. When I say that to others, they always respond with the classic: age is just a number. It’s said by people whose number is a whole lot smaller than mine. This morning, my grandkids put a new spin on THE NUMBER.

Molly and Brayden came in this morning with a catalog in hand. It was the 2019 Lakeshore catalog. Molly called me over and said. “Grandpa, come here and look at this.” As I walked over, Brayden was laughing and doing that excited dance that kids do when they have something mischievous they want to share. “What’s this all about?” I mumbled to myself. When I saw what they were so excited about, my first reaction was, Hmmm.

They showed me Lakeshore’s Grandma’s Dress-up Trunk and Grandpa’s Dress-up Trunk. The Grandpa trunk contained: two hats, gloves, a jacket and fishing vest, necktie, black horn-rimmed glasses, a briefcase, and tools. I smiled. If it ended there, it would be no big deal. But it didn’t. Brayden decided to act out the contents of the trunk – Grandpa’s trunk, not Grandma’s.

He stood in the middle of the family room, donned an imaginary hat, glasses, and a necktie.  Stooped over, he started slowly walking toward me making old people sounds. You know, the ones where it sounds like your voice is being sent through a modulator. But he didn’t stop there. In his right hand he was holding an imaginary cane, shaking it from side to side as an old, unstable, and weak person would do. He said, “just like you Grandpa, you use a cane.” Not anymore, but once. Never that unstable, as I recall, but he clearly recalls it differently.

Molly was laughing out loud; Edie was doing her best not to laugh.

Edie said, “He’s got it right. You notice he didn’t use the tools.” I was not amused. But I must admit, using tools is about as natural to me as a 90-degree temperature in Antarctica.

I never tire of my grandchildren’s imagination and sense of humor. And yes, age is only a number. It’s also a state of mind. It just seems that their state of mind and mine – differ.


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